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Truly, we are living in a fast paced world—a world where time is of the essence, and a world where every second matters.

For almost 3 decades, BM Express has been in service, bridging the gap between our fellow OFW kababayans and their families back home. BM Express has been continuously making sure that time and money produced by our modern heroes will never be put to waste by making sure all their balikbayan boxes are tightly packed and safely delivered to their families in the Philippines.

To keep up in the ever changing, fast-paced community in Hong Kong, BM Express has also launched its very own online money remittance transfer. Thereforemaking BM Express Hong Kong a one stop shop for all our fellow kababayans.

From the traditional balikbayan box sent via sea cargo (available in various sizes), it also offers parcel delivery via air cargo for faster arrival, perfect for small items like documents that needs to be sent ASAP. On top of its high quality customer service, BM Express boasts of its lowest shipment rates making it the most affordable in Hongkong.

Back to back with its parcel services, BM Express Remittance delivers fast money within minutes. Our fellow OFWs can now send money to their loved ones within minutes in partnership with the top remittance centers in the Philippines. On top of that, BM Express Remittance offers a free cable charge to all first time senders!

BM Express is located right at the center of Hongkong to cater to our modern heroes to help them send their love and support, and make them feel connected to their loved ones. Staying true to its promise of connecting people, BM Express has been consistently competitive in the courier business to ensure overall quality service, bridging the distance between Filipinos and their relatives back home in the Philippines.

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