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BM Express was established to help Filipinos’ to send their love back to their family in the Philippines. Some of us are impatiently waiting for our packages to arrive in the Philippines. Do you enough time to find and trust in different Courier Services? Most of the Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) is well excited to send their love to their relatives in the Philippines in this coming Christmas Season. These are the things to be considered when it comes in delayed delivery of your packages:


BM Express helps clients in protecting their boxes so that we cancel our ship and flight schedules when there is a natural calamity. There are some circumstances that the courier and logistics industry is facing today, one of the reasons why the parcels become delayed, are the compensation, collision, grounding, and storm.


BM Express gives widely and enough knowledge to each client on import duties of items couriered in the Philippines for us the customers are aware on the dos and don’ts. This is the list of prohibited items based on the Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines (TCCP).

–    Alcoholic Drinks

–    Automobile Motorcycle Parts/Whole

–    Ceramic Tableware

–    Cultural Artifacts and Pottery

–    Military Articles, Firearms, and Explosives

–    Products Containing Dog or Cat fur as well as animal hide

–    Drugs paraphernalia

–    Cheese, meat, fruits, and vegetables (Unless canned)

–    Pets, plants, seeds, and soil

–    Used clothing of commercial quantity

–    Pornographic materials

–    Fluids and perishable food items

To avoid the delayed packages, we need to be more familiar with the things and items that are able to send in the Philippines under the Bureau of Customs legal requirements. BM Express give client fast and reliable service with the estimated timeframe of shipping packages and helps you to track your boxes; it’s very accessible by calling our Customer Service Department.

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