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  1. Sender requests a drop-off of Balikbayan Box by dialing BM Express contact numbers.
  2. After packing Balikbayan Boxes, you may inquire for a pick-up of your package in your location by having assistance with our customer service representative.
  3. BM Express inspects and assesses parcels and calculates your amount payable. The cost for payment includes charges for handling and delivery of a package from your destination to the Philippines but does not include Customs-related charges.
  4. BM Express put the parcels in one container and ready for shipment to the Philippines via Sea Cargo or Air Cargo.
  5. When the package arrives in the Philippines, BM Express makes a representation, on the recipient’s behalf, with the Bureau of Customs in filing the Informal Import Declaration and Entry.
  6. The Bureau of Customs examines and assesses the Customs duties and taxes due on the parcel.
  7. Recipient settles the Customs-related charges through any of the following applicable situations:
  8. If the package is to be claimed at EMS-CMEC, payment shall be made at the EMS Customs window/counter.
  9. If the parcel is destined to a province without Customs personnel, a Statement and Receipts of Duties Collected on Informal Entry (BOC Form 116) will be issued and attached to the package prior to dispatch and delivery. Payment will be made at the provincial post office.
  10. If the package is to be delivered by the courier service provider, payment shall be made upon delivery of the package. (Note: Courier service provider settles the Customs charges first so parcel can be released from Customs custody.)
  11. The parcel is released to the recipient. (Note: At least two [2] government-issued identification cards must be presented.)

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