About our company

About us


For over 20 years, BM Express International Services Pty. Ltd. has been instrumental in bridging the distance between Filipinos living in Australia and their relatives back home in the Philippines. Since our founding in 1990, we have been active in providing a full range of parcel delivery services for customers and business owners, making us the largest Filipino Courier Service Worldwide.

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Our dedication to serving Filipinos in Australia and our newly open branches has led us to expand our end-to-end services to include money remittance and food import. With the same level of commitment to making sure that our Kababayan’s hard-earned money delivered to their families in the Philippines, you can rest assured of the security and timely completion of your transactions with us.

With our food import service, Filipinos in Australia have given access to their well-trusted and most-loved food brands in the Philippines. Whether it’s Lola’s signature Adobo or Inay’s Sinigang, now every meal has a taste of home to it.

Why choose us

The Filipino community in Australia has a reliable, trustworthy, and efficient partner in BM
Express, whether it’s that much-awaited balikbayan box or hard-earned money they want to
send back home.

Our mission

We are making research continuously and improving our services to the highest standards. We
offer different services ranging from parcel delivery, remittance and food import.

Our Vision

BM Express International Services Pty. Ltd. envisions building a strong global network that will
allow us to efficiently provide reliable logistics, money transfer, Filipino products, and other
related service offerings to our clients in the Asia Pacific and neighboring countries.


BM Express provides affordable rates in our different offers such as: Courier Service, Money Remittance, Shop & Ship, and BM Asians. As the company grows we decided to give love back to those Filipinos outside the country who still trust us in helping people to save their money to our fast parcel delivery to the Philippines.

Our clients’ interest is our priority. We build a strong and healthy relationship with our customers, suppliers’ sub-contractors and consultants. Our goal is co-operation, teamwork in achieving a grand and successful project at all time.

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Not just a courier service, but also Money Remittance. In just an hour we can send your money directly to the receivers’ bank account, door to door, and cash pick-up in a fast, secure, and easiest way.

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